18 and over only

Time is precious

Can you escape? Time is ticking...

Play with Friends

2-8 Players. Group together and play with your friends.

A scavenger based game set with subdued lighting and scary theming. A mix of linear and non linear puzzles required to complete this game.

Abuducted Live EXTREME is the same as above but lasting 90 minutes with added scares. This is as close to a real life horror movie as you can get.

Abducted Live is a Live Escape Experience.

Can you solve the puzzles and escape this live action horror game. There is always a twist so watch your back.

Imagine being abducted and locked in a dungeon. Do you wait it out and hope for the best or do you try to escape? This is a cross between the movies Hostel/Saw and the Crystal Maze. Can you solve the puzzles and find the keys to escape the rooms before your captors return?

Over 18s only. With live actors and lots of fun, twists and turns. We have all seen the horror films when your shouting at the TV, “why is she going outside alone” or the real classic “Why did they not take the weapon?”.

How would you react in that situation? Come and give it a go to see if you can survive Abducted Live

Great for Team Building, Birthdays, Family get togethers or just to test your brains. Very rewarding when completed.

Abducted Live Prices

We offer 2 Escape experiences:

ABDUCTED LIVE EXTREME (More scary, more interactive) : 90 Minutes to escape, £PRICES DISPLAYED ON BOOKING FORM.

Abducted Live Escape Room : Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?"

We have 2 escape experiences. Standard escape lasts an hour and the Extreme experience lasts for one and a half hours.

Is the EXTREME 90 minute version scary?

YES! The extreme version is very scary and is not recommended for anyone with heart conditions, pregnant women, anxiety, mental health or claustrophobic issues. The environment you will be playing in is like a real life movie set. The environment is intimidating, tense and stressful. You could be living your worst nightmare.

Is the 60 minute escape room scary?

YES! But not like the Extreme version, rooms can be intimidating, tense and stressful to some players. This is still for over 18 years.

What time should we arrive before we start?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your start time to allow for any delays you may incur. If you arrive before that you can always sit and have a drink before hand on site. Its better to have a clear mind when entering rather than stressing because you may be late.

Is there an age limit? Any other restrictions?

Yes, 18 and over only. We are sorry to say we cannot cater for disabled players in wheelchairs at this venue.

What if I don't like it and want to come out?

If you feel that the escape room is to intense, you can at any time radio us during the experience, you will be able to immediately communicate with the monitoring staff, who will talk to you and the experience will be stopped.

Why is there a minimum number of 2 players.

The way the escape room is set up, you will need to be able to communicate with other players to complete some tasks. The more brains the more chance you have to escape. This is a team based game.

Why is there a maximum number of players.

The Escape room has been built to cater for 8 players.

Will it just be our group or mixed with others?

If your group has less than 4 players we may try and mix you with another group. If you want an exclusive game please let us know in advance and this can be catered for.

What should I wear? .

Loose fitting, relaxed fit clothes would be best for ease of movement. You may get a bit of dust or dirt on you. In the 90 minute extreme version you get coveralls to wear before you start which is included in the cost.

Appropriate foot wear must be worn for both escapes. For the Extreme you must wear closed in shoes / boots. NO FLIP FLOPS, CROCS OR SANDALS, anyone wearing these will not be able to play the extreme game.

What happens if we don't escape?

No-one gets left behind. When your time runs out the manager will let you out and take your photo to post online.

Anything else we should know?

Actors will touch you but will not harm you. Anyone caught hitting an actor will be removed from the game. With no refund given. This may even mean the whole game will get stopped. To get the best out of this experience, immerse yourself. Allow yourself to believe in where you are. It’s a tense, challenging experience that you’ll find extremely rewarding when completed.

I'm running late, will you wait for me?

We are very sorry but no. We have timed slots to adhere to and if we over run we’d then have to push back the next game which is not fair on the other groups attending that day. (If there’s no one booked in after then possibly). We cannot allow you to enter the experience mid way through, as it would disrupt those already involved. No refunds will be offered for latecomers or No shows.

Abducted Live

Time goes fast. Not long to escape. Make the most of your time left...


Abducted Live Extreme:

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