15 and over only

Open July 2020

Play with Friends

2-8 Players. Group together and play with your friends.

A non linear game where you and your team will need to find clues and solve puzzles eliminating suspects and leading to the killer.

Good lighting. Not scary but murder themed room so not recommend for young children.

The Lovers Murder The Lovers murder is a case involving a priest and a member of his choir with whom he was having an affair, who were murdered in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Discovery of the bodies The bodies of a woman Chloe Davis and a man Sonny Guy were discovered in a field near a farm. Both bodies were on their backs, both shot in the head with a .9mm-caliber pistol, the man once and the woman three times. The bullet entered the man's head over his right ear and exited through the back of his neck. The woman was shot under the right eye, over the right temple and over the right ear. The woman's throat has been severed, and maggots were already in the wound, indicating the death occurred at least 24 hours earlier. The bodies appeared to have been positioned side by side after death.

Torn-up letters were placed between the bodies. Chloe was also wearing a brass pendant on a necklace.

You and your Crime Scene Investigators will need to investigate the murder scene using a CSI field kit, finding evidence and clues helping to solve this crime.

You will then need to analyse your findings and do laboratory tests to find out who really is the killer or killers.

Like any murder case time is of the greatest importantance so we need to wrap this case up before the trail goes cold.

If you think you have what it takes to be the new Gil Grissom or Catherine Willows then why not get your team together and get booking.


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The Lovers Murder : Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?"

Your game will last around 1 hour.

Is the escape room scary?


What time should we arrive before we start?

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time to allow for any delays you may incur. If you arrive before that you can always sit and have a drink before hand on site. Its better to have a clear mind when entering rather than stressing because you may be late.

Is there an age limit?

Not really, the room is set as a murder scene but the room is not scary. This game can be played by any age when playing in a family group.

Any other restrictions?

Yes. We are sorry to say we cannot cater for disabled players in wheelchairs at this venue due to stairs.

What if I don't like it and want to come out?

You can at any time leave us during the experience. The door will not be locked.

Why is there a minimum number of 2 players.

The way the escape room is set up, you will need to be able to communicate with other players to complete some tasks. The more brains the more chance you have to escape. This is a team based game.

Why is there a maximum number of players.

The Escape room has been built to cater for 8 players.

Will it just be our group or mixed with others?

No. We do not mix groups.

What should I wear? .

What ever you feel comfortable in.

What happens if we don't find the murderer?

When your time runs out the manager will come in and debrief the game and take your photo to post online.

Anything else we should know?

I'm running late, will you wait for me?

We are very sorry but NO. We have timed slots to adhere to and if we over run we’d then have to push back the next game which is not fair on the other groups attending that day. (If there’s no one booked in after then possibly). We cannot allow you to enter the experience mid way through, as it would disrupt those already involved. No refunds will be offered for latecomers or no shows. We do require at least 24 hours notice to reschedule your game if you can’t make it.

The Lovers Murder

CSI Investigation has begun. Times a ticking...


CSI Investigation: Lovers Murder

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